17.04.2013: Conversion of an roof of an old building in an big living space

05.03.2013 : New Construction administrative buildings with sublevel parkings, main station, Konstanz

15.02.2013: New Construction Restaurant Fredersdorf, New Palais, Potsdam 

01.12.2012: Conversion of Gerry Witting STUDIOS, Berlin

01.11.2012: New construction of a villa

27.01.2012: New construction and extension of a production hall and a distribution hall in Feucht

04.11.2011: New construction of 30 ALDI supermarkets in Germany and Poland

21.06.2011: New construction and extension of building nr. 25, production hall, Hohenmölsen

20.09.2010: Conversion of two administrative buildings into two residental buildings with 36 apartments

22.03.2006: New construction and extension of piers, ferry port and marina Konstanz-Staad